Gordon Harrison


Gordon Harrison is the author of several books on nature, science, religion, and art. When he isn’t writing, or drinking Glenmorangie single malt scotch whiskey, he’s photographing the “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful” as Darwin said of the Ontario hinterlands.

Dreamer at the End
of the Universe

One Life in Two Worlds

This book together with My Cousin & Me: And Other Animals plus Wolves: Ryders in the Whirlwind form a trilogy. They tell the epic story of four generations of a Celtic family battling the elements and the animals to scrape a living from a land wih no fat and little lean. Ours was a wilderness farm in Central Ontario populated by animals and people. The early generations killed the animals and fought the land. My generation has come to realize who owns this place. Humans are tenets for a handfull of years while the true owners are the animals who have their own lives. As Charles Darwin wrote, “There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery”.

Free Chapter

“Come a little closer, hear what I have to say,” came a small voice from the ground-floor bedroom of a large home. A white-haired man pumped up by pillows lay on a single bed warmed by a multicolored blanket. “Come closer,” he whispered, “I wish to tell you something.”

As the intruder in white glanced around the room, the pictures of wolves, bears, deer, and eagles on the far wall caught her attention. But the drawing on the near wall was unlike anything she had ever seen before. It was extraordinarily beautiful and surprisingly mathematical. The visitor closed the bedroom door, and as she did, the illustration (see next page) was reflected in the full-length mirror hanging on the back of the door. In that instant, the painting’s signature became decipherable; it said, “Leonardo.”

Dreamer at the End
of the Universe

One Life in Two Worlds
Chapter – 1 Pandemic 1
Chapter – 2 The Lost Child 15
Chapter – 3 The Mill on The Lake 25
Chapter – 4 The Sons of Summer 39
Chapter – 5 Darkness Before Dawn 55
Chapter – 6 Another World 67
Chapter – 7 Mother Courage 83
Chapter – 8 Algonquin Wolves 103
Chapter – 9 Scarborough Fair 117
Chapter – 10 The Young Pythagoreans 129
Chapter – 11 Ursus Americanus 139
Chapter – 12 The Walker Women 167
Chapter – 13 Winter is Coming 185
Chapter – 14 La Terre Sainte 208
Chapter – 15 Child of Prometheus 225
Chapter – 16 All Good Things 254
Map of the Farm 255
Chapter Notes 257


I am a ship. I am a ship on a vast sea of pain and possibilities. My passions billow my sails and have taken me hither and yon, but my hand seizes the rudder to keep me from the rocks and shoals.

Numerous islands were inhabited by those consumed with the mania of owning things. And when I talked of matters other than money and material objects, I was considered ridiculous. With this, I set sail and left these lands of lost lives.