Prepublication Praise

Dreamer at the End of the Universe
One Life in Two Worlds

I love your writings.
—Patricia Ann Yguado, Cumming, Georgia
You have touched my heart, Gordon.
Thank you for everything you share with all of us.
What an incredibly difficult life built of survival instinct from birth to death. You sir though are no mistake, but a blessing to us all.
—Melinda Freestone, Salt Lake City, Utah
What a perfect respite from politics. More, please . . . think of the sanities you will save. There is no better remove from the day’s stress than a beautifully written piece executed by a writer who knows his stuff. . . . Again, more, please.
—Mary Alice Richert, Portland, Oregon
I have started enjoying your stories. Really your gifted with creativity I have come to know. Great work!
—Niwagaba Peter, Kampala, Uganda
This picture and story touched me again. Thank you, Gordon.
—Esther Stamp, Oshawa, Ontario
Wonderful Gord! Looking forward to reading it! What a gift you have for nature and language!
—Joy Cornelius, Peterborough, Ontario
You are an awesome storyteller!!
—Marg Laws, Ottawa, Ontario
YOU are consistently awesome. I lost two friends during covid-19, one to brandy and the other mentally ill. Sorry to read of your troubles with an alcoholic older generation. The humans and animals all love you.
—Timothy John Anderson, Melbourne, Australia
A heartfelt work about the early days of settlement and two young boys romping through the fields and woods collecting treasures. A compelling read with lots of literary treasures as well.
—Larry Keeley, Port Hope, Ontario
You have a gift for conveying experience into words. You are a master of the written word, Gordon!
—John Bondurant, Portland, Oregon
Thank you, Gordon! I enjoy your work so much.
—Mitch Morgan, Edmond, OK
I so look forward to your shares!
—Bonnie Lilley, Llangoed, UK
Thank you! That was beautiful!
—Connie Harrison, Somewhere, Someplace
Her story is full of love and bravery and heroism. Thank you for giving it voice—and us, something to learn from.
—Jez Ball, Jersey City, NJ
Gordon shares so much insight with us all and he doesn’t get paid one cent for doing that here, we should all buy his books. One of the extraordinary men I have met here who teaches and always has something great for us to read and learn from.
—Kieran Moore, Peterborough, Ontario
Gordon, you are a magnificent storyteller!
—Laila Aziz, Karachi, Pakistan
Oh, I love this!! Picture and words touch my heart! (geese flying)
You have such a wonderful way with words!!
—Wilma Shealy, Travelers Rest, SC
This is absolutely magnificent. So full of History I love this...
—Shir Linnie Edward, Clinton. Mississippi
Your writing is extraordinary and the photographs accompanying it outstanding.
Fascinating capture! You get such incredible shots, almost as if you were an animal whisperer!
You are a wonderful poet as well as the Thoreau journalist of our time!
I would like to live in the land of your books!
Your writing gets more beautiful with each rendition!
I have no words! Having lost two of my three children, the poignancy of your writing touches my heart deeply.
—Maribeth Miles, Chicago, Illinois
I love your writings.
—Patricia Ann Yguado, Cumming, Georgia
The storytelling is so vividly written, it transports me to the place the story originates. I feel I can hear, touch, taste and smell all that surrounds me on the printed page.
—Robin Innes, Ajax, Ontario
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed two of Gordon Harrison’s earlier books. I started with My Cousin & Me: And Other Animals, and then I read Wolves: Ryders in the Whirlwind. They were both very well written and illustrated and I find myself picking them up often to reread my favorite parts. Now Mr. Harrison has given us his current Magnus Opus and I simply can’t get enough of it. The advanced views of Dreamer At the End of the Universe that Gordon Harrison has released are amazing and compelling. I look forward to owning my own copy of this book and getting to read more of what he has given us small samples of.
—Doc Christopher Haynes, Banning, California